About us

About us

We are a small group of freelanced produkt designers, based in berlin, with different backgrounds as art, online-markting and design.

We started this project because of a problem that we had our ourselfs.We love bikes and biking. It is the easiest, fastest, most economical and enviormentaly friendly way of moving around the town. But living in a big city as berlin, you always have the problem of not wanting to leave your good bike outside on the street. So as most of the people who have a precious bike we make the little affort to carry it up to our flat. But as much as we love our bikes, they sometimes claime too much room for themselves.

We started to look for a good solution. But all the existing ones were either only practical, fancy or very expencive. So we thought that to combine all the good attitudes of a product like this could be something people would want. We started comparing different types of wood, practical aspects and various shapes and finally came up with two different designs.

Now with the perfect design in our hands all we needed was a good carpenter that would fullfill our demands of good handcraft quality. Finally we found a family runned carpentery workshop that was happy to work with us.

We hope that you will have as many pleasure with the bikefritz as we have!

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